I have other interests than technology or gaming. For example, I have an essay in Inside Higher Ed about the importance of flexible name policies for transgender and genderqueer students. I also wrote an essay for Greatist about being a person with disabilities.

I am also interested in the following:

  • Fan studies
  • Online communities and language use
  • Language learning
  • Pop culture
  • Comparative religion (I am an interfaith minister)
  • People with disabilities and intersectional identities

Because of these things, I occasionally present on topics of popular media and culture at places like animation conventions. Presentations are typically 50 minutes in length. If you wish a list of my presentations, here are examples of the presentations I have given in the past. Some are more broad and focus on multiple areas of media – for example, The Terror Next Door presentation goes into Romanticism, Gothic literature, and proceeds through time with examples of series like Gravity Falls (Western TV animation) and podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale.

  • Translation and Localization 101
  • The Terror Next Door: Americana and Horror 
  • Aria of the Soul: The Persona series, Mythology, and Narrative
  • Trickster Teachers (media and archetypes)
  • Bits of Victory: Beginning Game Development
  • The Heart of “When They Cry” (analysis of magic/fiction in the When They Cry visual novel series by 07th Expansion)
  • Fractured Persona: The Persona series, Gender, and Identity

This is not a complete list. Depending on the event, I may do presentations particular to that event’s theme or educational focus, such as the Traditional Treats presentation I give at Katsucon through their Japanese Cultural Institute track.

I have been an educational guest / featured panelist at Katsucon, Otakon, Nekocon, Old Dominion University, Rowan College, and have done panel presentation work at a number of other conventions as well. Sometimes I also staff said conventions (particularly in Artists Alley or Panel Operations/Programming departments if applicable).