I work in writing, design, and tech. My specialty is in accessibility and inclusion – I have worked approximately since 2016 full-time in doing accessibility-related audits, revisions, remediation, and integration, using the WCAG industry standards as well as related standards, such as for electronic documents, ebooks, and I have experience in government standards such as Section 508. I am an individual member of the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) and additionally certified through their Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) certification examination.


My writing has lately been with the tabletop gaming industry. If you wish to check out the list of released projects I have contributed to, please check the Writing page of this site for more detail.


I maintain an introductory list of resources for document, website, and social media accessibility. I also work in accessibility and have chronic pain and neurodivergence myself. Originally this list was developed for tabletop game RPG creators, but anyone with a website might find it useful.

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