Tabletop Creator Resources For Tabletop Accessibility

So everyone can be a hero.

Accessibility professionals exist but accessibility is not one person alone, it is all of us. This list focuses not on wider issues of inclusion and representation, but the list items focus on ensuring that websites, game books, supplements, and adventures are made accessible to the widest variety of people, with the highest chances of compatibility with assistive technologies like screen readers, and more.

Use these resources as a way to get started!

There is also a great resource discussing accessibility and inclusion specifically with regard to tabletop with other links – also about safety tools – on the D&D Compendium. Do not view the Compendium as competing: we’re all in this together.

Highly recommended: check out Jennifer Kretchmer’s Accessibility in Gaming Resources as well. (Support her if you can!)

Do you have a website? (Website accessibility)

Do you make games, supplements, settings, do layout, etc? (Document accessibility)

Manuscripts and More (Text, PDFs, InDesign, etc)

Safety Tools and Self-Care

Implementing in Content

Resources on Diversity and Inclusion

Stuck? Want a Professional?

Developers, designers, writers – everyone can play a part in improving accessibility. However, if this seems too overwhelming, you wish to devise more of a strategy for repeated titles, or it is beyond remediation and you want to make sure to get advanced tools (testing with screen reader compatibility, doing more extensive checks), please use the contact form or contact me via email.

Rate card describing writing, accessibility, and design services. Rates vary depending on service: writing starts at 10 cents USD a word, accessibility starts at 10 cents a word or at an hourly rate of $60 USD an hour, and services like website tune-ups and ebook formatting are at different rates. Nonprofit rates and other payment arrangements available.