Interested in gaming?

So am I! As of 9/2016 I am Editor-in-Chief of Haywire Magazine. I’ve written about games for other venues too, and have been published in:

I’ve also spoken on games in terms of inclusivity, and am currently working within Twine and RPGMaker.

The game I am currently working on is Die Nachtblume – the Night Flower.

Tabletop more your style?

I started tabletop gaming during Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition. My favorite is Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (using house rulings, of course); however, I also love FATE Core and a little game called Dread.

I’m interested in playing Exalted 3rd edition, but just got the corebook for that, so not experienced in it at all yet. Sorry!

I am also making experimental and freeform games, both interactive fiction online (using Twine) and via pen and paper/tabletop formats. You can see the Experimental Games page here, now with the game mod Mammon Machine!