I have other interests than technology or gaming.
I am also interested in the following:

  • Fan studies
  • Online communities and language use
  • Language learning
  • Pop culture
  • Comparative religion (I am an interfaith minister)
  • People with disabilities and intersectional identities

Because of these things, I occasionally present on topics of popular media and culture at places like animation conventions. Presentations are typically 50 minutes in length. If you wish a list of my presentations, here are examples of the presentations I have given in the past. Some are more broad and focus on multiple areas of media – for example, The Terror Next Door presentation goes into Romanticism, Gothic literature, and proceeds through time with examples of series like Gravity Falls (Western TV animation) and podcast-centric phenomena like Welcome to Night Vale.

  • Translation and Localization 101
  • The Terror Next Door: Americana and Horror 
  • Aria of the Soul: The Persona series, Mythology, and Narrative
  • Trickster Teachers (media and archetypes)
  • Bits of Victory: Beginning Game Development
  • The Heart of “When They Cry” (analysis of magic/fiction in the When They Cry visual novel series by 07th Expansion)
  • Fractured Persona: The Persona series, Gender, and Identity
  • Inari: International Spirit of Mystery (looking at Inari faith, in Japan and abroad: history, resources)
  • Introduction to Takarazuka Revue
  • A Silent Voice film and Disability 101 in Japan

This is not a complete list. Depending on the event, I may do presentations particular to that event’s theme or educational focus, such as the Traditional Treats presentation I have given several times at Katsucon through their Japanese Cultural Institute track.

I have been an educational guest / featured panelist at Katsucon, Otakon, Nekocon, Old Dominion University, Rowan College, Anime NEXT, and have done panel presentation work at a number of other conventions as well. Sometimes I also staff said conventions (particularly in Artists Alley or Panel Operations/Programming departments if applicable).