UX Design and Testing.


Note: due to issues of security, copyright, and permissions, only selections are available at this time to give an impression of work.

Grayscale/high-contrast character sheet (Roll20)

A grayscale (dark gray) high-contrast styling of the Pathfinder 2nd edition tabletop game character sheet designed in HTML and CSS, scripts from using Roll20’s sheet template. Designed during working with the Orr Group / Roll20 on the User Experience team (Oct 2019). Pathfinder 2nd edition is published by Paizo.

Accessibility audits (Roll20)

Compiled and wrote accessibility audit reports, using WCAG 2.1 A and AA levels, detailing criteria, as well as providing recommendations or explaining issues as needed. Areas covered were specifically the digital character sheets and functionalities for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and Pathfinder 2nd edition on the Roll20 platform. Dungeons and Dragons copyright Wizards of the Coast; Pathfinder copyright Paizo.

Accessibility Integration and Testing (Fiction Factory Games)

For the PC/Mac version of Arcade Spirits: assisted with initial accessibility integration, helping development team address and design accessibility options into the game and user interface, checking against Game Accessibility Guidelines and checking screen-reading compatibility with self-voicing option, VoiceOver, and more.

User Research and Testing (Mobile: “Converter”, “Margins” iOS applications)

Initial user design and testing for “Converter” and “Margins” iOS applications, developed by Architechies Touch Software.

Font Resize