Delicious Pi(e).

Learning about the Raspberry Pi (3) and projects people can do with them. There’s a project I’m curious to do – fit a Raspberry Pi 3 kit with RetroPie, and create a custom handheld that will run retro games – or even just retro-flavored indie games or even visual novels, such as off (not compatible with Steam, but with direct downloads, possibly).

Problem: a custom handheld using Raspberry Pi would still run me about $100 – $130, possibly more when shipping and whatnot get involved. There’s the Raspberry Pi itself, plus the wiring, memory card… I don’t have a 3D printer, so I’d have to pay for a special case and buttons to be printed by someone who does have one: I’d also have to get an appropriately sized LCD screen (not touchscreen, though). 

While a good DIY project, not… really sure if it’s worth it, though. 

Ideas? Suggestions?