After completing my first semester in the graduate program for Disability Studies, learning more about disability history, policies, depictions, and law, I am going to be more mindful about time management in the spring semester. I am also working my way through the courses via the Interaction Design Foundation, which I highly recommend to people interested in learning more about elements and areas of usability and user experience.

That aside! 2018 looks to be bringing many things: I’m still working on the Mammon Machine d10 rules and story prompts, which should be fun as an event game / tabletop experiment. The dice choices are largely based on what dice of my own I had around, admittedly, but as long as players have at least one d10 or one d6 (depending on what system they are using), it’s fine. Which means those of you who have polyhedral dice sets common for d20 games can still play rather easily. Just take that one d6 or d10 out and use that to determine your initial attributes.

I’m also still working on panels: topics include an overview of Japan seeing itself through China, an overview of some of Japan’s sacred mountain sites, more about Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games, and EVEN MORE about the entity / deity known as Inarisama.

I hope to bring you even more in 2018, and thank you for your patience!