After completing my first semester in the graduate program for Disability Studies, learning more about disability history, policies, depictions, and law, I am going to be more mindful about time management in the spring semester. I am also working my way through the courses via the Interaction Design Foundation, which I highly recommend to people… Continue reading Resolutions!

Issues compounding issues.

I make no secret I’m interested in (and work in) web accessibility. However, a recent conversation has also led me to realise: there are problems in making accessibility information accessible. Some of this is because “web accessibility” involves the web. This seems obvious, but keep in mind multiple people can touch a website: there may… Continue reading Issues compounding issues.

Delicious Pi(e).

Learning about the Raspberry Pi (3) and projects people can do with them. There’s a project I’m curious to do – fit a Raspberry Pi 3 kit with RetroPie, and create a custom handheld that will run retro games – or even just retro-flavored indie games or even visual novels, such as off (not… Continue reading Delicious Pi(e).

Access and Inclusion.

So accessibility is one of those words that mean a lot, and sometimes doesn’t mean anything at all. What do I mean? In terms of “accessibility in tech”, like binding expectations of WCAG 2.0 and the United States Section 508, accessibility tends to mean equivalent access to information. Can someone with disabilities make a purchase… Continue reading Access and Inclusion.