Advocating for UX

Advocating for UX is something I myself am trying to learn how to do, and to continually improve upon; after all, user experience is in so many things. We use it in the realm of the Internet, of course, to talk about software, applications, games, and websites, but we see user experience in so much… Continue reading Advocating for UX


If you are interested in learning code – or even business practices, WordPress systems, or design tools – please check out Treehouse via this referral link. I myself am learning Java, Ruby, and more about CSS and WordPress thanks to my Treehouse access: and while I know that this page is itself not the best… Continue reading Lessons.


In the midst of everything else, such as working, doing presentations (I’m in the midst of compiling a presentation on the Meiji era and yokai-ology), I’m also doing Duolingo for learning languages. Currently, my “top” languages are French and Ukrainian. I also plan on trying to learn Romanian when Duolingo finishes the course, though having… Continue reading Languages!


The name of this site has “flowerstorm” in it, and while that is technically a rendition of a Japanese word (hanafubuki), the phenomenon doesn’t really occur in the autumn – instead of flowers, it’s leaves in the air! So instead, I took inspiration from Halloween and gothic culture and went with a dark red rose… Continue reading Flowers.